Business & Corporate Identity Development

Written by 3 Strands
Thursday, 25 June 2009 22:32

Corporate identity development from 3 StrandsBusiness/Corporate identity is how a particular business is identified by its customers and the rest of the marketplace.  The enterprise’s name, logo, typeface, colors, slogan, and everything that makes them a unique company are elements that help comprise their corporate identity. If done right the character of the organization is captured in its corporate identity. 3 Strands Marketing can help facilitates the development of an appropriate and effective identity.

A well thought out corporate identity builds a cohesive look in all your communication. Consistency of message is vital for building trust in your enterprise. A corporate identity groups everything that makes your company unique into a well harmonized message.

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The art of influencing people is extremely complicated. What to say and how to say it determines if you’re heard or ignored. Who to reach determines success or failure. 3 Strands Marketing can educate you with the marketing know-how you need to tackle any problem.


“Engage,” making “it” happen, doing “it” right. Implementing the marketing plan transforms the vision into reality. Getting the best value for your marketing dollars is the key to asset management. 3 Strands Marketing will help you take a great idea, and turn it into a great business.


Creating impressions to influence makes the marketing message dynamic. Producing an impression that looks like it cost 3 times more to make is the goal of 3 Strands Marketing. We make designing marketing material so much more effective because we understand your marketing message.