Marketing Production Services

Written by 3 Strands
Thursday, 18 June 2009 22:00

3 Strands Marketing seeks to offer Sacramento, CA area small businesses and large businesses a full service marketing solutions resources. As a part of that, we offer a highly diverse and powerful set of marketing production services. Our goal is to produce marketing material that looks like it cost many times more than it did for our clients in all our areas of expertise. Here are some of the production services that we offer:

  • Video Production - We offer multiple levels of production to fit your budget on projects like TV commercials, internet video, how-to videos, animation, and virtually any other type of video you need produced. 
  • Internet Marketing - Become a player in the highly lucrative and powerful Web 2.0 marketing world with help from 3 Strands Marketing's internet experts. No website? No problem. We can help build your web presence from scratch or improve on your existing internet marketing strategy.
  • Business/Corporate Identity - We can help you form your company's essence into a marketable set of image and language. Logo design, tag line development and more are all pivotal features of your business's identity and we can help get them right.
  • Marketing Campaigns - Regardless of the medium (TV, print, radio, non-traditional, etc.) 3 Strands Marketing can create a powerful and economically efficient campaign for your company. 
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The art of influencing people is extremely complicated. What to say and how to say it determines if you’re heard or ignored. Who to reach determines success or failure. 3 Strands Marketing can educate you with the marketing know-how you need to tackle any problem.


“Engage,” making “it” happen, doing “it” right. Implementing the marketing plan transforms the vision into reality. Getting the best value for your marketing dollars is the key to asset management. 3 Strands Marketing will help you take a great idea, and turn it into a great business.


Creating impressions to influence makes the marketing message dynamic. Producing an impression that looks like it cost 3 times more to make is the goal of 3 Strands Marketing. We make designing marketing material so much more effective because we understand your marketing message.